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Participant Information

Doctor Details

Medical Information

If your child needs to take any regular medication during the day they should carry it with them in a clearly named container with dosage instructions, if they only require a dose in the evening it should be handed in at the start for safekeeping, please also list the details here.

Emergency Contact


Please give your consent that in the event of an incident requiring first aid or medical attention you authorise the trained medical staff/doctor/First Aid staff to undertake whatever treatment is considered necessary for your child, (including use of EPIPEN).  If it becomes necessary for further medical treatment and you cannot be contacted to authorise this, you also give your general consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the Leader in charge to sign any document required by the hospital authorities.* *Note: The medical profession takes the view that the parent’s/carer’s consent to medical treatment cannot be delegated. This view is explicit in The Children’s Act 1989. Thus, medical consent forms have no legal status and a doctor or nurse insisting on the consent of a parent/carer to a particular treatment has the right to do so.  However, it can be a comfort to medical staff to have general consent in advance from parents/carers or to have a Leader on hand able to sign forms required by medical authorities.
The medicines and remedies listed will be available if needed, please select those which you give permission to be used. In the event of any doubt medical advice will always be sought, but having the ability to give common medication to treat symptoms can enable us to bring rapid relief to a child. Records will be kept, and medication will not be repeated without referral to medical advice if symptoms are ongoing. All dosages will be as per those stated on the container.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act we require your explicit consent please to use the information you provide for the purposes of this event, we will not share the information with third parties, other than medical staff as necessary. All information will be deleted immediately after the event.