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The following is a quick guide to the Acorn hike to give leaders information on how the hike is scored, what the judges are looking for and how you can best support your teams.


  • Entry fee of £40.00 which includes: camping fees, cost of running the event, personalised e-certificate for all participants, returnable team trophies for ‘placed’ teams, individual trophies for ‘placed’ teams, Acorn Hike woggle on completion of the event.
  • Any changes to team members / categories / additional teams must be sent to the Acorn Hike Team no later than 1st September 2024(with the exception of illness / injury).
  • Money should not be sent until invoiced by District Treasurer who will issue the reference number. Payments are to be sent via online banking only
  • All hike participants must have an online participant form completed before the event. To ensure that data is as up to date as possible, these will be available on the ‘Forms’ menu from 14th July 2024. The participant form must be filled in and received no later than 1st September 2024.

general hiking / checkpoints

  • Teams may consist of four or five members within the given age restrictions on the date of the competition. Only four members will take part at the tasks at the checkpoints and if there is a fifth member they may use this time to plan the route. Please advise your teams that they must make it known on arrival at each checkpoint who will be taking part in the task. This must be decided before they know what the task is.
  • Teams need to be able to independently navigate using a map and compass prior to the competition.
  • The teams cannot gain points from the hiking but will lose points for late arrival to checkpoints.
  • The hike is planned to ensure the use of roads is kept to a minimum. Where roads are used they will be for a minimum distance and of a quiet nature. The roads are monitored and points will be deducted from teams found to be using them unnecessarily.
  • Teams will be informed by checkpoint volunteers before they leave if the route they have planned is not acceptable.
  • There is no formal check in procedure at checkpoints. However all teams should be tidy, organised, polite and inform the checkpoint staff which team they are. All team members should wear their group scarves at check points and be as well presented as possible.
  • Each checkpoint will have an activity for the team to complete where they can gain points. These will be a mixture of core Scouting skills and other fun-based tasks.
  • The teams will also gain points for teamwork and general attitude while at the checkpoint.


  • As a hike competition the equipment used should reflect this. It should be light weight, robust and in good working order.
  • Teams should know how to use all equipment, including first aid kits, tents, cooking stoves and navigation equipment.
  • There will be a kit check at the start of the hike and points will be scored as part of the competition. It is strongly advised that leaders check their teams’ kit prior to this to establish any missing items before the event.
  • Teams may not be able to start if any missing equipment is deemed to be essential or a safety element.
  • Mobile phones must be used appropriately and should remain switch on / loud volume at all times. Teams will not be deducted points for contacting Acorn Control if they are genuinely lost or in an emergency, however they should not be used to check they are going the right way, or to ask general questions. This should be done at checkpoints. 


  • Each team has a limited area of 5m x 5m to camp in. Within this area, they will have room to pitch their tent, store their equipment, and cook safely.
  • Camping areas should be kept safe and tidy at all times. At night, all equipment should be stowed away.
  • The teams will be continuously monitored while at the campsite and scored. This includes their teamwork, attitude and behaviour.
  • Each team needs to prepare their evening meal and have it checked/scored by a judge before they eat it.
  • Whilst teams are expected to encourage other teams, they should not assist them or share equipment.
  • After the team leave on the Sunday their camp area will be inspected and scored. There should be no litter, damage or equipment remaining.


  • Each team must provide their own food for the whole weekend, which must include packed lunch for Sunday.
  • Leaders entering teams should ensure that teams have adequate food and snacks, aiming for around 2000-4000 calories per day.
  • Please ensure your teams know how to cook the food on the menu, practicing using the cooking equipment you provide.
  • All food should be light, robust enough to carry, and not need refrigerating. This should also be able to be eaten without the need to cook or heat at checkpoints due to time restrictions.

Finish Point / Presentations

  • Parents are invited to attend presentations which will be held at Bushy Wood at approximately 4pm on Sunday 22nd September however please bear in mind that this may change depending on the teams finishing times.
  • Please advise parents not to arrive at Bushy Wood earlier than 3.45pm to allow us to see teams back into the campsite.
  • Please be considerate to volunteers in the car park who will direct you to parking spaces to ensure we have room for everyone. We strongly encourage lift sharing where possible to reduce congestion.

Leaders and parents cannot visit the teams along the route, at the campsite or make contact with the teams until the end of the competition. The team may have points deducted if you do.